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Repair PC's, Fix problems and support operating systems.
Understand the fundemental principle of networking to further your career.
Protect company systems from hackers, piracy and cyber attacks.
Advance your knowledge in server management to optimise your career.
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Career training, exam pass guarantee and job in IT or your money back!

Full tutor support and jargon buster great for people new to IT


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How do I take the exams?

Within the course are practise exams that will generate a certificate once you pass that unit at 90% or above.  While being a good way to show prospective employers the subjects that you have studied and know well, they are not the official certificates as these can only be gained by visiting an examination centre and sitting the exam under exam conditions.

The exams are taken at either a "VUE" or "Prometric" centre, you can find your local one by visiting the websites: www.vue.com or www.prometric.com .

Your Exam Pass Guarantee

By studying with us, you benefit from our exam pass guarantee. This means that you will only ever pay for one exam. If you don't pass the exam, we will pay for your next one, and keep paying for them untill you pass. You just need to take our mock exam to make sure you are ready.


Exam Prices

The price per exam is as follows;

CompTIA A+ (2 exams)
CompTIA Network+
CompTIA Server+
CompTIA Security+
Why don't we include the exam fee in the training package?

Not every student wants to take the exam. If we raised the price of our training course to include the exam then the students that do not want to take the exam would lose out as they would be paying for something they did not want.

The fairest way we have found is to book exams for students as and when they need them. We offer the exam guarantee so that you will never have to pay for a failed exam.

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Your personal advisor is trained to diagnose which certifications you need to get to where you want to be in your career and desired income. They can talk you through our training system, and after you see how it will benefit you, we will give you a full 7 days to use the full training course – completely FREE of charge!

  • Earn more money!
  • Gain the respect of your colleagues, and the job responsibility you deserve.
  • Our flexible study schedule makes it easy for you to get your training.
  • 24/7 personal tutor assist and counseling.
  • Obtain peace of mind as you are Guaranteed to Pass Your Exam.
  • Achieve your dream job.
  • Build a satisfying and rewarding life-long career.

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