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Repair PC's, Fix problems and support operating systems.
Understand the fundemental principle of networking to further your career.
Protect company systems from hackers, piracy and cyber attacks.
Advance your knowledge in server management to optimise your career.
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Career training, exam pass guarantee and job in IT or your money back!

Full tutor support and jargon buster great for people new to IT


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“I want a total IT career package that will give me certified skills so I can work with any system and network. Can you train me?”
  Yes, we can train you. Better yet, we’ll give you the proper counseling, course structure and we guarantee that not only will you become Certified in your specialty, we’ll guarantee that you will find employment in the IT field.

Now is the perfect time – and this is the perfect opportunity – for you to make the decision to change your career status for the better. How? CompTIA-Certification has the training system in place for you to achieve your dream of becoming a fully trained and certified IT professional. And, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Briefly: Call 08000 213 213 and talk with one of our friendly career counselors. Let’s discuss your present situation and, more important, what you would really like to do in the world of IT and… just as important… what kind of income you’d like to make.

Your counselor will tell you the best way to achieve your goals. There’s no obligation on your part. In fact, if you do sign with us, we’ll let you try out our courses for 7 days completely free of charge with access to everything. If, after 7 days, you aren’t satisfied, there will be no obligation to buy. Our ‘Try Before You Buy’ policy is the best offer in the IT career training industry.
Employers demand Certified IT personnel.
  Once you become IT Certified, your value to employers instantly rises. Employers will see you as a serious IT professional who has been proven to be fully qualified to work with their network systems – not some amateur who talks a good game, but cannot measure up to the task. With your CompTIA-Certification, you’ll be recognized as the ‘real deal’.

Our coursework has been brilliantly engineered and constructed by professional tutors who know the real world IT business. There’s no fluff courses involved, but only the serious curriculum and subject matter that employers are demanding. Our counselor will prescribe your pathway to progress, and have you on your way to IT Certification in the fastest time possible. No important course fields will be omitted.

Once you’ve taken our courses, followed our advice, and become certified, CompTIA-Certification will assist you in finding your dream position of a prestigious, satisfying job with excellent income. (More info, Click here)
“Sounds good, but I bet you’ve got one of those long term contracts that will have me paying forever.”
  We DO NOT tie you down into a long term contract, in fact, you can choose to pay monthly, 6 monthly or yearly. All you have to do is contact us before your next billing period and you can stop our service at any time. We do not tie you up in any long term contracts as we believe our service is so good you will want to stay with us of your own accord.

"What do your current students say?"
  Hello my name is Tristan warren I’m 31 years of age married with 3 young children and currently holding down two night jobs, hgv driver/door supervisor. For a long time i have wanted to change my career and work in the IT  environment, I took the final jump at the start of the year by talking to Danny at CompTIA-certification after listening to me he was extremely helpful and advised me on which courses  i would benefit from the most.

I found the course material to be of TOP CLASS and easy to take in. After each section of tutorials and videos there are test questions, also data sheets which you can print out and read at your leisure!

If you get stuck on a section you can always go over it again until you understand it.

I now have currently passed my A+ exams in" EIGHT WEEKS" and have started my Network+

These courses are excellent value for money all you need is effort, perseverance and a little spare time.

Many thanks to CompTIA-Certification
"What's the next step to get started?"
  For a limited time only you can start today FREE for 7 days! Taking this training is 100% guaranteed to improve your career, income and lifestyle.

We will give you complete and unrestricted access to our service and full career training package.

If at any point during this 7 day period you feel we haven't offered the best service and training then just let us know and we will cancel your subscription.
  We’re offering you excellent service, real world IT advice, no long term contracts and even better guarantees than the companies charging three times as much for tuition. Don’t know where you should start? Call 08000 213 213 and talk with your counselor. But to give you an idea as to the choices you have, let’s begin with the –
Career Package
  There are lots of people that are looking to get into the IT industry, the competition is great and employers will pick and choose the best qualified people for the positions available. On average there are around 50 applicants for every entry level position advertised, so it’s important that you have the correct qualifications for the job.
  We have identified a range of courses that cover the skills that employers are looking for that will enable you to apply for any administration, support or helpdesk positions. This is where most IT professionals will start their career. Salaries range from £17-24,000 per year, and the average wage for IT Professional in the UK is £38,000pa.
  Package includes following courses
  CompTIA A+
  CompTIA Network +
  These are the qualifications employers are looking for when interviewing a person for an entry level IT position. These courses combine to give you the prerequisite knowledge and skills for system administration support and helpdesk type positions.

We fully support your learning process with qualified mentors that will help you every step of the way, they are available 24/7 to answer any question and offer guidance. It also includes FAQ, public and private live chat, message boards, and lots more.

Our courses also come with a complete exam preparation, including a mock exam so you can practice in your own time. This will help you to pass the exams first time!
  You will get;
Job Guarantee, pass your coursework, follow our career advice, and be employed within 90 days or your money back.
Exam Pass Guarantee, train with us and we will guarantee that if you don’t pass first time we will pay your next exam fee.
Start for FREE! We let you try any of our courses for 7 days to make sure you are 100% happy with our service.
No long term contracts, we wont tie you into long term contracts with courses that are too difficult to complete
24/7 Online mentor support with Cisco qualified trainers – ask unlimited questions day or night
Flexible courses that can be studied any time, anywhere, it’s a study schedule that accommodates your lifestyle.
The latest in technology subject matter training. We keep up with what’s happening in today’s IT world.
High quality training obtainable on a small budget.
No travel costs – train anywhere, anytime thanks to the Internet.
Virtual simulations in a safe ‘sandbox’ environment.
Flash-based instructional demonstrations applying course concepts to help students understand networking topics
Real time exam preparation guides – practice tests to make sure you pass your exams
Exercises that allow learners to practice in the actual application being studied
Supplied sample files include sample documents, application files, programs, and programming code that enable learners to practice with these files, enhancing the learning experience
Instructional audio with graphics highlighting key points.
  For more information or starting a career in IT Click here.
  CompTIA A+
  CompTIA Network +
  CompTIA Server +
  CompTIA Security +
Are you still unsure or need help?
  We want to make sure everyone studies the right training package for them, complete your details in the form below and one of our trained advisors will contact you to check you have the right course for your career goals. They can also talk you through using our system and give a demonstration.
Contact us now to find out how you can
  • Improve your IT career in just 1 week.
  • Instantly make more money with the IT skills you already have.
  • Fast-Track your studies - Save time - Understand easier – Force feed your brain with our information.
  • Use a secret technique that guarantees you a reply from EVERY JOB YOU APPLY TO – and then make them employ you!
  • Start your training completely FREE of charge, with no obligation to buy. You can cancel at any time.

Your personal advisor is trained to diagnose which certifications you need to get to where you want to be in your career and desired income. They can talk you through our training system, and after you see how it will benefit you, we will give you a full 7 days to use the full training course – completely FREE of charge!

  • Earn more money!
  • Gain the respect of your colleagues, and the job responsibility you deserve.
  • Our flexible study schedule makes it easy for you to get your training.
  • 24/7 personal tutor assist and counseling.
  • Obtain peace of mind as you are Guaranteed to Pass Your Exam.
  • Achieve your dream job.
  • Build a satisfying and rewarding life-long career.

Complete the form below to learn how you can make all this a reality. Get started NOW. Try us absolutely FREE!

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